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Bleaching in the practice

The dentist puts a certain brightener directly on the tooth and activates it with light. Thus the peroxide decomposes. Since strong concentrations are used in the dental practice, the bleaching can be performed in one session.

Bleaching at Home (Home-Bleaching)

After a check at the dentist, one gets the required materials for bleaching at home (rail and bleaching gel). One must then fill the prepared rail with bleaching gel daily, and carry it for a few hours, for a period of approximately 2-3 weeks. This is cheaper and more convenient than the whitening in a session.


Bleaching of “dead” teeth

Many of our patients have such teeth, which are root-treated and therefore discolored. This can be very unpleasant especially in the front regions. It is possible, however, to lighten these teeth. The dentist opens the tooth and with the aid of hydrogen peroxide solution brightens the tooth. This takes two sessions, at the end of the second session, the cavity is closed with a tooth-colored filling.

dead teeth