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Here you can find an interview with our senior dentist Dr. Kovács Roland, specialist for treatments of anxiety patients under sedation.

Dental fear. How can I fight my dental fear or dentist phobia?

Experiences and helpful tips against the fear of the dentist from the practice.

As a specialist dentist with several years of experience in the field of dentistry, I have discovered the following: anyone who is afraid of the dentist needs human and professional advice. Only if both, psychological and physical help is available, a patient with a dentist’s anxiety can be treated without pain and success.

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Some advice for patients with fear from the dentist.

In addition, I present the most important tips and tricks, as well as the first steps to combat your fear from the dentist. Thank you for the feedback and opinions of my patients! I hope you will soon think of your dental treatment with a self-assured smile.

Fear from the dentist or dentist phobia?

Only 5% of the population suffers from a correct dentist phobia. Whether it is now anxiety or phobia, a specialist (dentist with experience and training for patients with fear) may decide after a review and examination. That is why I recommend you to visit a real specialist, with whom you can talk about your fear from the dentist freely and informally.

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From where does the fear from the dentist actually come from?

In my experience, about 2/3 of my patients had previously had a bad experience in a dental practice. Dentist anxiety can be caused by other factors: unpleasant side effects after a dental treatment, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress.

Do I know the origin of my fear from the dentist?

In my experience every fear is to be perceived. Especially when perceived, a specialist can ask you the necessary questions and look for their (mostly) negative experiences from the past. Your treatment, with regard to your fear of the dentist, should not begin with the examination of your teeth. On the contrary, a first consultation will help you to better understand where the fear from the dentist is from and what you are really afraid of.

What exactly is behind my fear from the dentist?

A former patient of mine was afraid of the dental instruments-such as the tongs, files, scissors. Although this may seem too trivial, the practice shows that part of my previous patients were not afraid of the pain at the dentist.

Open speech with the dentist helps against the fear from the dentist.

Discussions about the fear from the dentist in the dentist’s office have the best success when they are performed in a dentistry atmosphere, in a dental practice. Thus the experiences and memories, especially the negative ones, occur more quickly and can be more effectively discussed and treated. This is what I call the human part of counseling or the psychological help.

I know the origin of my fear from the dentist, how do I move on?

Only after it became clear what the patient is exactly afraid of, the dentist can announce the alternatives and help with the selection. These, of course, are strongly related to the condition of the teeth as well as to the nature of the treatment to come. For the physical control of the fear from the dentist, I can help my patients in the following way:

zahnarztangst foto 3 A detailed description of the sedation (anesthesia) and the general anesthesia, as well as the pros and cons, will be posted in the first meeting.

How can I finally decide for an appointment with the right dentist?

Tips and tricks to help you get started with the first steps towards the fear from the dentist:

Most patients with the fear from the dentist neglect the condition of their teeth and this can often lead to uncared, esthetically unsightly teeth. Think in detail: would you like healthy, white, shiny teeth? Do you even dream of a fancy toothjewelry? The path to a shiny smile begins in your head.

Communication with confidential relatives or acquaintances can help you to make a decision. As a patient with the fear from the dentist, you need lots of suggestions to make the first step. If you feel safer, ask your family members to accompany you to the dentist.

You have to find a specialized ordination, the perfect place for a patient with the fear from the dentist. Such ordinations also pay attention to the details which make the treatment of anxiety patients as smooth as possible. They are contracted with several anesthesiologists.

Specialized ordinations regularly reserve days, which they devote exclusively to the patients with the fear from the dentist. This way you will have the opportunity to meet other patients with this kind of fear! The exchange of experiences in the waiting room can have a very positive effect!

Dare and use our help, which is based on many years of experience and numerous treated patients with fear from the dentist.

If you have any further questions regarding the fear from the dentist, please send us a message or give us a call! I will be happy to answer you!

Dr. Kovács Roland, Senior Dentist