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Do you dream of life-like teeth? Would you like to have the most beautiful and modern dentures, which is currently available in dentistry? Exclusive Prettau zirconium crowns from the renowned ZikonZahn system now available at Onix Dental dental clinic in Sopron including 5 years warranty!
In addition, you will find a statement about the Prettau zirconium crown, about the difference between porcelain crowns and zirconium crowns by means of an interview with our senior dentist Dr. Kovács Roland.
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What is a zirconium crown? What is a zirconium Prettau? What is the difference between zirconium crowns and porcelain, metal crowns? What are the advantages and disadvantages of zirconium crowns?

Dr. Kovács Roland, a leading dentist at Onix Dental Zahnklinik, explains everything you need to know about zirconium crowns and why they are so special.

Dr. Kovács, zirconium crowns are a new prosthetic method in dental technology. More and more dentists are using this method and recommend it for dentures for patients. How so? What is so special about the zirconium crown?

In short, it is the closest to the real tooth. For patients, it is always a big problem when it comes to dentures. How does it look like? What are the possibilities? Is it aesthetically as good as functional? Will it change color after a while? How long will it last? How much does it withstand? What can I eat with this dentures? And it is also self-evident that you are so worried about a denture. The zirconium crowns are the answer in this case.

What exactly is a zirconium crown?

A zirconium crown is made of zirconium oxide. Such a zirconium crown is like a reconstruction of the visible tooth surface, it completely covers the affected tooth and thus all damages are remedied. With the zirconium crown, it is possible to precisely reproduce the shape of the tooth. Thus, it is more durable than the filling and also has a more accurate colour.

How are these zirconium crowns made? How long does it take?

The manufacture of the zirconium requires a lot of attention, patience, experience and expertise. It is an indirect method, because it is not made in the practice, but is exactly reproduced in the dental laboratory, with the help of a dental imprint. To ensure that everything is going well and the patient does not get damaged, dental laboratories use the CAD / CAM technology that allows the geometry of the tooth to be reconstructed computer-controlled. After several attempts of the zircon crown, when the patient wears the tooth crown comfortably and is also visually satisfied with the zirconium crown, it is glued. The teeth have to withstand a lot of stress every day, they need a strong, stable foundation, which is no problem with the zircon crowns.

How so? What were the other ways of using the zircon crowns?

Before the revolution of zirconium crowns, tooth crowns were made of metal and porcelain. These tooth crowns unfortunately have some disadvantages: because of the material, you can not use it for each tooth for replacement, after some time, the teeth become discolored, there is always a metallic taste in the mouth, it is not completely aesthetic, because of the small light transmission. The material is strong and it is great for dentures, for tooth crowns as well as for dental implants and tooth bridges. Also free of metal, the zirconium oxide is so stable that it withstands the daily stress. Thus it is suitable for all needs: the chewing function can be restored, and you do not have to give up a shiny smile.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of zirconium crowns?

The advantages of the zirconium crowns are mainly the life-like appearance and endurance.

The zirconium crowns look like real teeth, they can get a natural colour, the choice is huge in this case. Zirconium crowns are also translucent, so they can not be distinguished from real teeth. They are shaped with the aid of the CAD / CAM technology and are precisely adapted to the tooth, thus a metal structure is not necessary, and the danger for metal allergy does not occur.

The zirconium crowns do not discolor after a time, they always remain natural and have a perfect aesthetic, there are also no shades of gray, because of the metal structure. Metal-free zirconium crowns do not react to heat or cold, so the patient has no metallic taste in the mouth.

The second aspect is endurance. Zirconium crowns hold a lot and guarantee a long service life, they have a higher bending strength, compared to the other tooth replacement materials and don’t crack, burst, do not split.

Another advantage is that the gum can grow to the zirconium crowns. There is no need to worry about the gums receding or igniting.

With so many advantages, we can only recommend the zircon crowns for all types of dentures.

And what are the disadvantages?

There is none. The patient benefits only from such a denture method

We have also heard about zirkon Prettau a little. What is actually a zirkon Prettau?

As other technologies, dental technology is also developing more and more. The zircon Prettau is a new material that goes a step further than the zirconium oxide. It is completely ceramic free and therefore offers a twofold bending strength. It is also ideal in complex cases.